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Minuty: A Fusion of Power and Finesse

In the world of rosé wines, Minuty Prestige has emerged as a true icon, captivating the hearts of Provence rosé lovers for over 25 years. With its unique blend of power and finesse, Minuty Prestige wines have become an essential choice for those seeking a joyful and aromatic experience. In this article, we will explore the story behind Minuty Prestige Rosé, the meticulous winemaking process, the tantalizing flavors it offers, and the perfect pairings that enhance its vibrant character.

The Birth of a Signature Wine

Over two decades ago, Jean-Etienne and François Matton embarked on a mission to create a signature wine that would captivate a wider audience of Provence rosé enthusiasts. They envisioned a wine that would bring together exciting aromas and light flavors, showcasing the unique terroirs of the region. Thus, Minuty Prestige was born, marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

The Method: A Perfect Blend

The creation of Minuty Prestige Rosé is a testament to the artistry of winemaking. It combines a selection of Designation grapes with the winery's own grapes, resulting in a smart and harmonious blend. Minuty's winemaking process involves carefully controlling the temperature to unlock the grapes' aromatic potential while preserving their delicate nuances. The blend includes Grenache, known for its elegant aromas, Syrah, which adds complexity, Cinsault, renowned for its vibrancy, and Rolle, a top Provence white grape variety, contributing earthy aromas.

Unveiling the Flavors

Minuty Prestige Rosé enchants the senses with its shimmering pink hue and crisp aromas that pack a punch. Upon first sip, one is greeted with the vibrant notes of yellow grapefruit, whitecurrant, blood orange, and fresh berries, such as raspberry. The wine's crispness and strength continue to unfold on the palate, leaving a lovely salty and zingy aftertaste. It is truly a wine that exudes vibrancy and intensity.

The Exquisite Pairings

To fully appreciate the experience of Minuty Prestige Rosé, it is essential to explore its perfect food pairings. The wine's earthy aftertaste makes it an ideal companion for seafood, particularly salty oysters, whelks, clams, and anything found on a seafood platter. It also harmonizes beautifully with fish ceviche, sushi, California rolls, and grilled fish dishes. For lovers of Italian cuisine, Minuty Prestige Rosé complements classic trattoria dishes like veal Milanese and spaghetti alle vongole. Additionally, it pairs exquisitely with Provençale specialties such as stuffed vegetables or vegetable stacks.

The Evolution of Minuty Prestige

Minuty Prestige continues to evolve, adapting to the changing tastes and preferences of wine enthusiasts. In 2020, the brand updated the design of its iconic bottle, adding a touch of modernity while preserving its timeless elegance. This evolution reflects Minuty's commitment to both tradition and innovation, ensuring that each bottle of Minuty Prestige Rosé is not only a delight to savor but also a visual feast.


Minuty Prestige Rosé stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of power and finesse. Its journey from conception to the refined wine that graces our glasses today is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Matton family. With its smart blend of grapes, meticulous winemaking process, and vibrant flavors, Minuty Prestige Rosé continues to captivate wine enthusiasts around the world. So, the next time you seek a wine that embodies the essence of Provence, look no further than Minuty Prestige Rosé. Raise your glass, indulge in its aromas, and let the journey of the senses begin. Cheers!


Article published date︰06/07/2023